Since 1996, Varsha Cables Pvt. Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of electrical cables and has an enviable reputation for quality of its products. Varsha Cables Pvt. Ltd. is already an established brand in the instrumentation, data cables and low ampacity power and control cables.

PVC Cables have been long established as the preferred cable insulating and sheathing material having a wide application. Suitably compounded PVC is tough and flexible at normal operating temperatures. PVC is chemically inert and therefore has a high degree of chemical resistance. PVC is also immune to ozone attack.

XLPE (Cross Linked Poly-Ethylene) is now recognized as an ideal di-electric. Its superior mechanical, electrical and thermal properties have helped increase the current carrying capacities for the same cross sectional area. XLPE cables are now the most sought after in the industry.

For quite some time, a need was felt in the industry to have high quality PVC and XLPE cables in the higher ampacity range. Varsha Cables Pvt. Ltd. took this opportunity to embark on an expansion into wider range of products, to cater to customer needs in low voltage PVC as well as XLPE cables.

Varsha Cables Pvt. Ltd. now manufactures wide range of cables with various dielectric such as PVC, LDPE and XLPE. Additionally, Varsha cables provide FR, FRLS, HR, ZFHR and HFFR properties depending on the customer requirements. The cables are manufactured strictly to national and international standards and are approved by a number of Government agencies, leading consultants, contractors etc., and are a part of various manufacturers’ OEM equipment.

Latest manufacturing equipment and machinery, quality and comprehensive testing equipment, a committed workforce and a burning desire to carve a niche in the cable industry has helped Varsha cables become the most sought after brand. Coupled with this is an assurance of timely delivery of cables so that your projects are always on schedule. it is the constant Endeavour of Varsha cables to help you achieve your targets. After all, you helped us grow and we owe our success to you!

We are sure that with our wide range of products, your systems would be safer and your confidence in the relation with us will continue to grow.